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March - The Holley Carburetor Co.

We have all heard of Holley carburetors. A renowned brand known for its significant role in the hot rod industry. The story of how it started follows:

In 1902, teenage brothers George and Earl Holley established the Holley Brothers Company, focusing on the construction and sales of motorcycles and automobiles. By 1903, they had shifted their focus to the mass production of the "Iron Pot Carburetor," a critical component for Henry Ford's 1904 Oldsmobile Model R. This carburetor proved to be a remarkable success for Ford, prompting the Holley brothers to cease vehicle production and establish the Holley Carburetor Co. This new venture quickly became a key supplier for Ford. According to popular legend, it was Henry Ford himself who advised the brothers to specialize, allegedly stating, “If you stop making cars, I won’t build carburetors.” This marked the beginning of Holley's long-standing and influential presence in the automotive industry.

Carburetor technology was not entirely new when the Holley brothers started their work. They studied existing designs and patents to understand the principles of fuel delivery and air mixture in internal combustion engines. Providing the ideal air/fuel mix throughout the full operating range from idle to redline was complicated. Experimentations showed that the ratio required to burn all the fuel during each combustion stroke was 14.7 parts of air for one part of fuel. The ability to provide that ratio was the foundation of the Holley brand.

As the competition for more horsepower escalated, Holley released the 4150 four-barrel, a carburetor that many regard as the first authentic performance carburetor.

Today, Holley remains a top performance brand offering many aftermarket products such as restoration parts, fuel injection, turbo kits, brake parts, wheels, ignition systems, nitrous oxide kits, safety equipment, and more.


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