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Automotive Scholarship


   John Shapiro wanted to continue giving back to the automotive hobby, and if you knew him, you knew he was passionate about cars, racing, customs, paint, pin-stripping and always sharing with people to get them excited about the car collector hobby. Whether helping a student in the automotive program or helping them get started in the industry, he wanted his legacy to live on this way. He was all about the history of the automobile, racing and keeping the legends of our industry alive through stories. If you know a young person, share your story with them on how you got started in the hobby or a story of when you were a kid in high school and saw a great hot rod you just had to have a ride in etc. We went to many race tracks as a couple and then car cruises and car events as a family with our two sons, and hope we instilled our love of anything automotive in them. Our kids learned so much from their dad, they both work on their own cars with all the tricks he taught them.

   At the Cleveland IX Piston Powered Show there was an auction to raise money for charity. One of the items was a pedal car that was built to look like John’s ‘55 Sedan Delivery. One of our Thunder Row participants bought the pedal car for over $2,000 and donated the entire check to start our scholarship! Through everyone’s efforts it finally came to fruition and we are so grateful to everyone involved. Thank YOU!
  Any donations to his Scholarship can be sent to Cuyahoga Valley Career Center, 8001 Brecksville Road, ATT: Rick Berdine, Treas. Brecksville, OH 44141. Make sure to put John Shapiro Scholarship Fund on the check. Check out their website so you can see that they offer free tuition to students who choose to go there. We will donate the money at the end of the school year so the student can continue their education in the automotive industry. For information about the school here is their website:

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