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Avoid online scam attempts:

✔  Don't accept cashier's checks, certified checks, or money orders by mail. These are easy to fake and are not the same as cash.

✔  Avoid buyers who ask you to ship your item. Scammers will give you a bogus high-value check and then ask you to pay cash to their driver or shipping company.

✔  If possible, deal with a buyer locally, face-to-face, or via phone. These are golden rules for avoiding 99% of scam attempts!

✔  Most scammers will not talk on the phone and communicate only via text or email.

Non-Picture Classified - $12 (2 months)
Runs 2 months in Magazine & Website. Scroll down to submit Picture Classifieds

Payment for this classified is $12. It will run in the next two issues and website.


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