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 Automotive Event Listings 

Use the form below to submit auto event related event.

NOTE: Please check event listings first to make sure it isn't published already.


Please include the following: Event time, registration time, fees, all makes/models/years or specific years, awards, food, dash plaques, door prizes, 50/50, vendors, auctions, and website. MOST IMPORTANT:  Include contact phone number!

REMEMBER: There is a 200 character limit for the event description. Use the abbreviations in the Key below to save space.

AMMY = All Makes/Models/Years

BOP = Buick, Olds, Pontiac
DP = Dash Plaques
DPZ = Door Prizes
GB = Goodie Bags
$10/12 = Fees pre-registration/day of show



Submit Your Event

Description is limited to 200 characters.  Be sure to include time for Event. If you need more, please consider an Ad in our magazine.  Contact Chris at or call 234-646-2095

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