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 Automotive Event Listings 

Use the form below to submit auto event related event.

NOTE: Please check event listings first to make sure it isn't published already.


Please include the following: Event time, registration time, fees, all makes/models/years or specific years, awards, food, dash plaques, door prizes, 50/50, vendors, auctions, and website. MOST IMPORTANT:  Include contact phone number!

REMEMBER: There is a 200 character limit for the event description. Use the abbreviations in the Key below to save space.

AMMY = All Makes/Models/Years

BOP = Buick, Olds, Pontiac
DP = Dash Plaques
DPZ = Door Prizes
GB = Goodie Bags
$10/12 = Fees pre-registration/day of show



Submit Your Event


Description is limited to 200 characters.  If you need more, please consider an Ad in our magazine.  Contact Chris at or call 234-646-2095

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