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Q: Why is the magazine printed in and shipped from Kentucky when it used to be shipped from Ohio?

Q: After I order my magazine, when can I expect to receive it in the mail?

Q: Why am I getting more than one copy of the magazine?

Q: Why am I not getting my magazine delivered in the mail?

Q: I am a digital subscriber. How do I gain access to view my digital magazine issue?

Q: How can I submit a classified ad or a wanted ad?

Q: How can I showcase my car in the Reader's Ride section of Cruisin' Times?

Q: If I order merchandise as a gift, will I receive it prior to the holidays?

Q: What packaging is used to ship the magazine?

Q: What is auto-renew and why was this option discontinued?

Q: Where can I mail my subscription payment to?

Q: How do I know when it's time to renew?

Q: Where can I find events and weekly cruise-ins?

Q: I ordered a subscription as a gift for someone else. How can I make sure its sent to them and not me?

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