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March - Al Capone's Custom 1928 Cadillac

The custom 1928 green and black Cadillac 341A Town Car owned by public enemy number one is a fascinating piece of automotive and criminal history, embodying the opulence and notoriety of one of America's most infamous gangsters during Prohibition.

This Cadillac was said to be Al Capone's favorite car in his collection. It wasn't just a luxury vehicle; it was a fortress on wheels, customized to ensure Capone's safety and to aid in his illicit activities.

The car was heavily armored to protect against attacks from rival gangsters and law enforcement. The bodywork was reinforced with quarter inch steel plates, and the windows were fitted with 1” thick glass capable of withstanding gunfire. The V8 engine had enough horsepower to propel the 3.5 ton vehicle to 110 mph which was sufficient to outrun most other cars and police vehicles of the era. Yet despite its modifications, the Cadillac was designed to look inconspicuous, allowing Capone to travel without drawing unwanted attention. To aid in obscurity, the black and green colors of the car mimicked the color scheme of the Chicago police vehicles of the day.

Among its many customizations, the Cadillac boasted features like a drop-down rear window for firing on pursuers and a siren to clear traffic or mimic police vehicles. It also had a police radio scanner, allowing Capone's crew to stay one step ahead of law enforcement.

The modifications were performed at Ernest Capstran’s garage in Chicago. When the car was brought to Capstran he said, “We don't do that kind of work here,” to which Capone’s men replied, “You Do Now!” Capone went to the garage when the car was done and was so impressed that he reportedly paid Capstran twice the amount asked for.

The car's history didn't end with Capone. After his incarceration, the vehicle reportedly found new life in various roles, including a main attraction of a traveling carnival show. It is currently listed for sale at $1,000,000.

Today, Al Capone's 1928 Cadillac stands as a tangible link to the past, representing a time when gangsters like Capone could become folk heroes and their cars symbols of power and ingenuity. A car is a piece of automotive history, not just for its technical modifications but for the stories and legends it carries.


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