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October - The Boss

The summer of 1989 holds a vivid memory for me – a day that sparked something special. A friend reached out seeking my help. He told me he had just bought an old car and needed me to tow it to his garage. Little did I know that day would be forever etched into my mind. The directions took us to a dilapidated farm in western PA. The owner greeted us and guided us into a barn that I was hoping wouldn’t fall over until after I was back outside again.

Nestled in a corner, resting under a dusty tarp, was a true gem of automotive history. Exuding the essence of street rod power, there it was--a decaying 1969

Boss 429 Mustang! Despite the faded paint and worn interior, I could sense the

car's storied past. I was sure this automobile dominated many late-night street races. The neglect the car had endured couldn't overshadow the potential within it, just waiting for the right touch to bring it back to life.

When I first saw it, a mix of emotions flooded over me, including a tinge of jealousy. I wanted that car. The reality for my friend was that months turned into painstaking years as he meticulously disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt every component. He scoured junkyards, worked with fellow enthusiasts, and spent endless nights in his workshop. With each nut and bolt carefully cleaned, every inch of rust eradicated, the Mustang started to awaken from its long slumber.

In the end, it wasn't just a car story; it was a story of dedication, passion, and the unwavering belief that a masterpiece could be rebuilt to perfection. My friend knew that he had not just restored a car but had breathed life into a legend.


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