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June - Interesting Facts


There are 280  million registered vehicles in the US. Trucks are the most popular vehicle type, with 170,239,357 private and commercial truck registrations in 2022, compared to 98,573,935 vehicle registrations for cars.


Washington D.C. has the lowest rate of car ownership with only about 47% of households owning a vehicle. North Carolina has the highest with over 90% of households owning at least one car.

26.2% of the cars on the road are white, 21.8% are black. 8.2% are red.

In 2023, it cost $12,182 a year, or $1,015 a month, to own and operate a new car. Taking into account the total cost of ownership (purchase, fuel, maintenance, insurance), Ohio is the least expensive state to own a car.


There are currently 4,217,423 miles of public road in the US. 133,655 miles of new road have been added since 2010. Texas has the most miles of public road at 323,364 miles, followed by California (182,103) and Illinois (146,010).


According to, gasoline taxes by state range from 1/3 cents per gallon in Utah to 61.1 cents per gallon in Pennsylvania. Ohio has a 38.5 cents per gallon tax. There is a federal tax of 18.4 cents per gallon which applies to all states.


About 368.63 million gallons of gasoline are consumed each day in the US.



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