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Gasser Reunion - Kuhnle Motorsports Park

By: Joe Secka

Last years Gasser Reunion returned to its traditional June timeline after being disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was a relief to be heading back toward “normal” even if we are only partially there. The 2022 event not only brings hope that we will be seeing participation and daily schedules that we were used to seeing but there is a new element in the mix this year.



  Thompson Raceway Park was sold to the Kuhnle Brothers late last year and the facility has been appropriately named Kuhnle Raceway Park. The new owners didn’t wait long to announce a host of improvements they would be undertaking prior to the 2022 season opener. The “quick list” includes re-leveling and re-paving the shutdown area, re-paving, widening, and straightening the return road, adding additional lighting to return road, removing guard rails in shut down area and replacing them with concrete walls on both sides and the creation of a much larger social media presence to highlight races, drivers, and events.

Khunle Motorsports Park-01.jpg

The Kuhnle family is not a newcomer to the performance arena and posted the following to introduce themselves to the track followers, “We’re aware a lot of you may be unfamiliar with our family and company. The Kuhnle family is a huge supporter and fan of ALL motorsports. Both dirt and pavement! We can’t begin to articulate how excited we are to carry the torch! Stay tuned for updates in the spring!”


This news has certainly piqued my interest and, from what I have been told, hundreds of others are feeling positive vibes. My first trips to Thompson took place back in the early ‘60s. Yes, things were quite different back then and the “Gasser Reunion” has brought back a lot of those memories.

Just walking through the pits almost makes the trip worthwhile. Some of the race cars have an authentic history attached to them and others are a remake of one that once chased down the quarter mile. The starting line provides all of the adrenaline most gearheads need. You just need to be there!

Cruisin’ Times Magazine was back with the Legends tent and the poster signings that have always been extremely popular. There was a good showing of hot rods, resto-rods, customs and other muscle lined up on the show aisle next to the fence. The swap meet was smaller than normal but I still managed to pick up a few things I really “needed!”


My photos will probably better describe last year’s show than I can with more words. If you have never been to this show or have been away for a long time, this year has tons of promise. The 2022 Gasser Reunion is developing into being a must-see event. The Kuhnle family has already begun working on their list of improvements and the June 4-5 weekend will be here before you realize. The track’s 2022 Schedule along with updates on the improvements are posted on their Facebook page. Better get busy with your plans!  See ya there!

This years event takes place on June 3rd & 4th. For more information on the event, please see the ad below, Call (440) 298-1350, or visit their facebook page by Clicking Here

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