Gasser Reunion - Thompson Raceway Park

By: Joe Secka

  There is something special about the Gasser Reunion and it is more than I can simply put down on paper. You have to be there to understand the unique “aura” this event has. Superchargers growing out of the hoods, straight axles and parallel leaf springs, drag slicks smoking out of the water box until you almost cannot see, wheel hops and wheel stands for starting line excitement are actually things we can pretty much describe and others will understand. 



  The Gasser Reunion was one of the first events I covered for John Shapiro and Cruisin’ Times Magazine. So, pulling into Thompson Raceway Park for “The Gassers” simply makes me more than a little bit sentimental! Seeing the fans lined up to see the racing legends in the CTM tent and sharing stories or getting an autograph is special indeed.

  Whether you walk through the pits or sit in the stands, there is a very diverse group of race cars for your eyes to see. Some of the gassers have an authentic history attached to them and others are a remake of one that once chased down the quarter mile. The older muscle cars bring back memories for me of watching the new factory super stock cars (’59 – ’63) that came to race. A good friend had a ’57 Ford with the factory supercharger that was pretty stout back then. 

  Anyway, add in the BUGs backing up some of the racers, and then there are the sportsman classes, altereds and roadsters along with FEDs and modern day dragsters and pro-mods mixed in with the sights and sounds of drag racing and you absolutely have something worth going to see.


  The 2019 edition will be here sooner than you realize how fast time (and gassers) can fly! You will want to be sure to check out the car show over by the Cruisin’ Times tent and the swap meet across the track. There will be plenty to see and plenty to do! See ya there! This years event is May 31 - June 1, 2019. For more information on the event, please see the ad below, Call (440) 298-1350, or visit the track website at:


~ That’s all I have - Joe



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